Sugar is probably one of the most dangerous ingredients nowadays. It is one of the greatest causes for some of the most dangerous illnesses and diseases including heart disease, dementia, acne, diabetes, infertility, cancer and depression. When you think about all of them, you probably know that you should definitely cut out the intake of sugar.

Even 152 pounds of sugar are consumed by an average American every year. An average woman from America weighs about 167 pounds while the average man from America weighs about 195.5 pounds. Things were way different in the past, for example in the 1960s when the American woman weighed 141 pounds averagely while the man weighed 167 pounds.

The amount according to the estimates these days e.g. 152 pounds of sugar every year equals 22 teaspoons a day! Can you imagine that? Almost 1 in every 4 teenagers is a pre-diabetic because children consume an amount of 34 teaspoons every day. Ingredients without any nutritional value which causes various types of problems like increased blood sugar levels or various types of inflammation are the ones we all consume every day: flour and refined sugar.

According to a study by Harvard, the consumption of a high-sugar milkshake increases insulin production and blood sugar levels significantly, but it also causes more sugar cravings in the brain. During a brain scan performed on a person who consumed the milkshake, it was shown like fireworks because the sugar lit up the addiction center!

The Big 10

Numerous diets take place on the market these days. People try to use them and get rid of the excess of kilograms or fats. One of the most popular ones is the diet created by Mark Hyman e.g. M.D.’s diet who was tried out by 600 people. They managed to lose even 4,000 pounds in 10 days. This diet isn’t boring and it makes you forget about cravings. You just change the way you think about food.

According to Dr. Hyman, this diet was created full of sugar addiction. You’re using reversing foods which have the role to reset your brain and body. That will help you have a healthier life because you’ll be free of sugar.

10-Day Detox Diet

In this article, we’re presenting you 10 of the best ways to detox your organism from sugar as well as refined ingredients and the best thing is that it will help you in 10 days!

 Decide To Detox

Mark Hyman answers numerous questions concerning the subject of detoxification. Take a look at his book and if your answer is yes to at least one of the questions, you’ll need a sugar detox to help you lose weight and feel healthier than ever!

Cold Turkey

You just have to stop and that’s it! That’s a physiological addiction. Take any addiction for example. Alcoholics can’t have only one drink. You have to stop! Stop eating all potentially dangerous ingredients: all artificial sweeteners, all types of sugar, flour products etc. They only do what’s the worst for you and your organism: you get frequent cravings, abundance of fats and a very slow metabolism. Try to intake more fresh food and lots of fruits and vegetables. Make sure you avoid all things with a label of refined sugars, fat or flour and foods from a package, can or box.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

According to Dr. Hyman sugar in liquid for is far worse than sugar in its solid form. It goes straight into your liver. People think that they can use these beverages in their diets: sports drinks, coffees, sodas, sweetened teas or juice, but that’s very wrong. They actually come with a lot of sugar.

Only one can of soda contains too much sugar as it was proved that it can increase the chance of type 2 diabetes in women by 80% and the chance of obesity in children by even 60%.

Protein Power

Protein is necessary because it is actually a “carb-free” source of energy. It helps our organism balance insulin levels and blood sugar. Make sure you take a protein shake or eggs for breakfast. You can also use other sources full of proteins like chicken, eggs, nuts, grass-fed meat, seeds and fish with every meal. You’ll feel much fuller for a longer period of time because protein breaks down more slowly. At the same time, it supplies us with the necessary energy. The average size of protein we need to intake is averagely the size of your palm or from 4 to 6 ounces.

 Unlimited (Good) Carbs

Vegetables are recommended to everyone, but you should know that there are some of them that are actually carbs. They include the starchy vegetables like winter squash, beets, potatoes and sweet potatoes. The green ones are the best ones so you can eat them as much as you want to: asparagus, broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, tomatoes, zucchini, kale, peppers, artichokes and mushrooms for the 10 days of this diet.

Fight Sugar With Fat

Fat is the one that makes you full, not fat. It is very important because we need it for our cellular structure and because it has the ability to balance blood sugar. Good fats include seeds, coconut butter, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, fish and avocado. You can use them with every meal and you’ll see that you won’t think about sugar anymore!

Prepare For Emergencies

When your blood sugar levels are decreased, you can easily go for some food from the vending machines or any fast food joint. Why don’t you take something healthier for example: almonds, nut butters, salmon jerky, pumpkin seeds, coconut butter, turkey jerky, walnuts, unsweetened wild blueberries, wild salmon or sardines and much more? The choice is enormous and it’s yours! You’ll be much healthier!

Distress or De-Stress?

Cortisol is known as “the stress hormone” which actually causes you to have more belly fats, it can lead to type 2 diabetes and it makes you hungry. According to some researches, taking deep breaths is what activates the vagus nerve. It shifts our metabolism and goes from fat storage. Your stressful state disappears very soon. Here’s an exercise: Take five slow deep breaths. Breathe in till you count to five and then out till the count of five again. Make sure you do this before every meal and you’ll notice its magic very quickly!

Douse Inflammation

Inflammation is something we really don’t need. It is known to cause type 2 diabetes as well as insulin and blood sugar imbalance. Numerous people have to be careful about products which contain gluten and dairy, because they are hidden and many people are allergic to them. Some people find them very tough to quit, but if you’ve decided to try out this diet, try to do this for at least 10 days. You’ll see that you’ve started to feel refreshed and full of energy!

 Sound Sleep

There was a study performed on college students where they were deprived of just 2 of the mostly recommended 8-hours of sleep. This caused their hunger hormones to rise and they also had increased cravings for carbs and refined sugar. When your organism is awake and you don’t sleep, you crave for any potential source of energy. You think that the products high in sugar are great, but they only give you an instant boost and a sudden crash. We all need our optimal sleep since only that will help us deal with the worst cravings and stay on the right track towards a healthier life!
Sugar is probably one of the most dangerous ingredients nowadays. It is one of the greatest causes for some of the most dangerous illnesses and diseases including heart disease, dementia, acne, diabetes, infertility, cancer and depression. When you think about all of them, you probably know that you should...